Meditation is key to life

Law Of Attraction & Healing

I believe the 2 are intertwined to be exact.  we are in this shapeshifter world right now whereby we have to keep our distance from others.  I am all for the extreme caution on the physical front.  It truly is better to be safe than sorry.

But we do NOT have to be distant from a vibrational standpoint.  We are all walking, talking energy fields.  Our vibrational energy truly dictates the world in which we see it.  I am practicing my meditation being connected to 10,000 other people that are meditating at the same time.  Today, I led this group somehow in helping us heal.

Our vibrational energy can heal ourselves from whatever ails us physically and/or mentally.  With this current situation, I am now just focused on the reality I project with my vibration and I am seeing the healing already start.  I am seeing hope beyond borders.  I am seeing manifestations of vaccines being distributed throughout the world.

I truly visualize that.  Law of Attraction is what is likened is drawn unto itself.  You have a lot of negative energy; you will draw whatever that is back to yourself.  It is law.

As I wrote earlier, this is a cosmic break in our consciousness, as we are seekers.  We are seeking healing in an era of divisiveness.  The collective consciousness of those that want the world to heal have broken this log jam and and try pushed each of us away from each other.  Distanced us so that we HAVE to focus on each ourselves instead of other things, like sports, like soccer games, school, and so on.

It has also shown us who the true warriors are, and they are the grocery store clerks (like me), the doctors, nurses (RN, LPN, CPN), the office staff of hospitals and doctors’ offices.  These are the front-line people.  Moreover, emergency personnel do not get a day off either.

So, as we see what this reality is, let us focus on how we envision the healing to begin and start visualizing this every day as much as we can.  This way we can change the earth’s vibrational energy one person at a time.

For me, I am just doing my part in my meditation and my daily work, to visualize this healing, the vaccines, the hospitals watching the healing take hold.  It is beautiful and it is not magical.  It is the Law of Attraction.

For now, EVERY THOUGHT MATTERS, change your thoughts, change your world.











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