Collective Consciousness

A friend of mine in LA that I still keep in contact with said, and I paraphrase, this is a collective consciousness correction. We needed this break. In the states all the partisan bickering, focus on sports (hello Kelly), and other things. We now are social distancing which the silver lining is endless to me.

We have to focus on our families with almost zero distraction. This is great.

We focus on our pets.
We focus on our homes.
We focus on our neighbors (at a distance mind you).
There are so many benefits to this!
We will appreciate our teachers, hospitals, nurses, doctors, grocery store workers, and so on. The level of appreciation we are feeling right now is unprecedented.

And now this shift in collective consciousness is forcing us inward, which I believe our consciousness has been wanting for a long time. Myself, I’ve been journaling and meditating for 6 years. I have been focused inward for a long time, since I discovered I was co-dependent in the late 1980s.

We needed this shift. If only most would take the time to meditate and focus inward.

I am advocating an International Day of Meditation to help further this shift in collective consciousness. I feel joy right now imagining 10 million people meditating at the same time. That makes my heart sing and I have tummy flips just thinking about that.

During today’s meditation, I thought about the numbers. 7 billion people on this planet. At any one moment, there are probably 10,000 people meditating. I felt that. I felt us in that circle. Imagine that 100 fold.

Take the time to quiet your mind for 15 minutes. If you need a guided meditation, there are plenty out there.

Here’s an article for beginners with even guided audio. Everyone meditates differently. Give it a shot and quiet your mind.