Resonance to yourself


Resonance to yourself
Resonance with Yourself is the Key to Happiness

I love this word in a multitude of ways.  I googled the definition you see below.

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As you can see it is all about vibration and it’s a noun.  I love “Synchronous vibration of a neighboring object”.  Think about that.  It is perfectly beautiful in its definition.

In life we seek resonance with other human beings, our parents, our friends, online people of our own persuasion, and so on.  People are our “neighboring object.” Each time we seek that resonance, we are seeking a vibration.

In listening to my LOA (Law of Attraction) talks by Abraham Hicks, Abraham uses this word a lot.  I rarely go into a meditation with a specific goal, but today, I did.  I was seeking resonance with myself.  Abraham teaches, and I believe in this steadfastly, that we are vibrational beings.  This is why this word works for me so much so.

I believe, as Abraham teaches and others, that we have a source/inner self.  That inner self is truly happy and vibrating in a positivity 100% of the time.  We as humans, in this body we chose, are tasked with matching that vibration every day.  When we do, we feel like I do right now, in sync with my inner self.  Today, in my meditation, I felt connection at a vibrational level, to my birth into this world.  It was beautiful.

My birth and first few years were where I felt safe, loved, and cared for.  That vibration I felt and resonated with in my meditation, was so real a tear streamed down my cheek.  Moreover, I have always gravitated to things that talk of the 1960s and before.  I resonate with that as it is a vibration of a time where I felt safe, cared for, and truly loved.  It was also a time where I felt a vibration of joy, curiosity, and love.  From that meditation, I know I need to resonate with that part of me where life is this big canvas of things to explore with deep curiosity.  I have always been a curious being.

As a child, I broke a transistor radio.  It was red, about the size of the palm of my hand.  I had an earpiece and distinctly remember hearing “raindrops keep falling on my head”.  But I had to open that thing and see how it worked.  Truth be told I didn’t figure that out, ha!

That curiosity fed me for 25 years as a computer programmer.  That is the ultimate curious type of job because most of the time you are figuring out how things work using structure as your basis and then looking for the “bug” in the code that went wrong.  It was way better than the erector set I had as a kid.

Fast forward to today’s meditation, it is imperative that I keep resonance, in vibrational synchronicity, with my inner self.  I think that is the key for all of us to be fair.  Be selfish and resonate with your inner self, your true self, or whatever you so desire to call it.  But turn inward, let go, and feel that vibration of your inner self and match that vibration.  It is the key to your own happiness and well-being.

As always, remember #everythoughtmatters.

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