My Nebraska Trip

Let Spirit Take the Wheel 

How was your trip?

It was emotional Karen. Emotional. I apparently have this primal urge to cry when I see my family in person after an extended period of time. It is a weird thing. That lump in my throat comes up and my tears well up in the eyes. It happened when my sister picked me up at the airport and happened when I even told the ticketing agent my weekend story.
I am not sure why this happens to me.

The Trip
I had 2 favorite moments over the weekend. The first one was surprising Mom at her home. We both cried and hugged. She was shocked. We had an amazing visit. My brother Chris and I kept her company then took her to her surprise birthday party at a venue near my sister’s house.
The other was Saturday night. After the surprise party in which yea there were more surprises, we all went back to my sister’s house to watch football. My oldest brother is a Packers fan and I am a 49ers fan. So we got to watch the game together. That was fun!! Mom came over as my brother Chris drove her. Anyway the moment came when she was sitting in the chair sending off zingers with Clark. Those two in 1 room is a sarcasm battle of love. I kneeled down next to the chair to give her a hug. I put my head on her shoulder and cried. She whispered, “you are always my baby boy”. That was a great moment. It was worth all the travel and such.

A lot of other things were great like seeing my oldest sister Kim, all nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews. My younger sister Lisa has created this amazing family unit and it was beautiful to see that too. My oldest brother Ken was awesome as was my brother Chris. I felt a lot of love this weekend. It was well worth it. Missing 3 days of unpaid work now seems so trivial.

Another thing I found out about myself is that I love traveling in airports. I love when other people drive, well except bad drivers 😂. I truly love this feeling. Even sitting at the gate typing this trying to get home early. My friend picking me up in Corpus and does not like to drive at night and I don’t blame her. This is why I am on standby to get home before dark. To be honest I have just let it all go and I am here until my original flight, then so be it. It will give me time to work on my Every Thought Matters brand. It will all work out in the end. I will get home safely.

Finally, my family showed me what love was this weekend so any adjustments in my travel are trivial now. And yes, this airport vibe is freaking awesome. There is something about this that I miss.

For those that do not know, I used to fly every week for work. I was platinum status on Continental. I got upgraded to first class a lot. And our company bought continental club memberships as part of our compensation package. The stories from there are hilarious and for another day. Anyway, I loved flying. I could write an entire blog post about that whole experience, but the bottom line is I love flying. Part of it is me tapping into my people pleasing personality and part of it is being cornered trying to stay busy. My avoidant attachment style never rears its ugly head when I travel. I am busy right now, typing this up, with all the spelling and grammatical errors. I just want to get this out.

I did catch an early flight. It was 2 hours late which put me in a bind to catch my connecting flight out of DFW. As I landed in DFW thought it turns out I had some extra time to get to the next gate. It was on a whole other concourse. I had to take the train. I had to use the restroom. One of my idiosyncrasies is that I like to find my gate and then use the restroom. This was no different.
I found the train to the next concourse. It made one stop. Let people on and on to the next stop. I move to the back of the train away from the door. The next stop in walks in 3 people I went to high school with. My high school had about 200 people 7-12. And that was ok a good year. The sizes have dwindled over the past 40 years. As it turns out my flight was delayed perfectly to see some of my high school classmates.
Spirit was really doing a number on me. It was flexing its collective muscle. I journaled a lot on the plane and I let go. I wrote spirit you got this. That was its way of showing me.
I did eventually find my gate and got on the connecting flight as a standby passenger.
Spirit did its job and I sat back to watch it all. My friend was there to pick me up and take me home.
We talk about this amazing day of travel where a lot of serendipity took place. I felt so blessed and powerful yet knew who had the wheel.
We pulled into my place at 5:55PM. More angel numbers. Yes I saw a ton of angel numbers on that trip. I still do. Even finishing this up two weeks later I feel that vibrational connection that day.

To my family thank you for a wonderful weekend. To my sister thank you for letting me stay there. To my family helping me get there, thank you.
For me, spirit is doing more of the driving. I’m just following its lead and letting spiritual guides help me navigate life.

I love you and remember, every thought matters.

My family