I Write for Me

I grabbed this site in 2015 not knowing what I would do with it. I was retired from my 25 year computer programming career living off a golden parachute. I knew that our thoughts mattered. This site, my coaching has morphed into so many different things since then. I’ve pivoted in my coaching a chit ton from a life coach to a holistic life coach to now a mindset coach. Moreover, I am now forming a lightworker community. In all of those changes, what I have found is that I love, love, love writing. And, apparently I’m fairly good at it which leads me to why I write. I have lived a lot of life experiences in my many trips around the sun. I truly write for me but I can hear you read my words. Each time I write I reveal and understand my truth a little better. That is therapy for me. In doing therapy for myself maybe I can live up to my mantra of “changing the world one person, one thought at a time.”
As always, I love you and remember every thought matters.

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