Alignment over hustle

Alignment Versus Hustle

Alignment over Hustle

Chasing your dream can be exhausting. It takes a lot of work, desire and dedication. However, you don’t need to work 14 hour days to be successful. You don’t need to hustle to be successful. What has worked for me is a life theme. I’ve written about this before, but I see people who are entrepreneurs that “hustle”. GaryV, who I admire the heck out of preaches “hustle”. We live in a world where if you are not perceived to be hustling you are lazy.

I disagree with that wholeheartedly. If you are hustling to start your business, working a lot, giving up a lot and are not wired like GaryV, then you are considered lazy. We are not wired like GaryV. He has a different metabolism, sleep patterns and so on. However, GaryV is aligned with his truth. He speaks about it a lot. He is aligned with who he really is and then he is hustling.

I love that! Find out who you really are then you can hustle because the alignment with your true self does most of the work. Your energetic self puts out vibrations of a higher energy because you are in fact aligned with your higher self. Once you achieve that, all bets are off. Why? Because when you are aligned with your true self, things magically appear in your path to help you stay aligned. Yes, magically. I love that so much because it works. It works wonders!

Figure out your life theme. Think of theme like this. Most movies have a thread of theme throughout the storyline. There is something that is in every scene. Every scene of your life has to have that theme.

My Life Theme

My theme is connection, creativity, community, and collaboration. All things I do have to align with that. I drive for Lyft now and it feeds my connection and community needs. My creativity is fed by my blogs, my IG posts. My screenplay writing and other things feed my collaboration. It is great!

In summary, find your life theme, and then find that alignment with your true self and then you can hustle. My guess that is you won’t have to hustle as much because that is when the magic appears.


Love yourself like your life depends on it.

Live in alignment with your true self.

Vibrate at a higher frequency with more regularity.

Be whole and be love!

Much love and peace!

Live Your Truth

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