What Is Your Money Story

What is the story you tell about money?

I listen to a lot of Law of Attraction (LOA) podcasts, this one in particular, and cull as many nuggets of information that I can.  This is one that comes up for me personally.  This is a story I have had all my life about money.  Listen to number 17 about the power of your story.

As for me, I don’t check my checking account daily or balance it to the penny.  For 25 years I had a lucrative career as a computer programmer.  I never had to check my account as I always had money in there.  If I wanted something, I would get it.

Fast forward to 2014 when that career ended, that’s when the money stopped flowing.  I have been living off retirement (pension, severance package and the sale of my house profits) since.  It is running out.  Coupled with paying taxes on pulling my retirement out of the IRA before the age of 64, I owe taxes.  I have credit card debt too.

You see how this can alter my money story?  It goes from an abundance mindset to a lacking mindset.  My friend a couple of days ago told me this point blank.  She said, “Kelly you are in a lacking mindset”.

With the law of attraction, like attracts like.  So if I am in a lacking mindset, guess what I am going to attract; more lack in my life.  I just got done with my meditation about abundance by Abraham Hicks.  During the meditation I went from a lacking mentality to a fun mentality.  I am now in the mindset as I write this that it is going to be fun to meet these financial obligations.  It’s going to be a fun process and game for me to figure this out in the next chapter of my life.

I currently drive for Lyft and the “money” story I tell myself is that I attract guests (riders).  Last night, I was fading and got a ping for a guest while near Beverly Hills.  I thought I hope this is an airport run.  It was.  My guest was amazing.  As I was getting closer I said to myself I hope a ride I pick up at the airport will take me home.  It took me to Sherman Oaks.  That’s turning your thoughts to things.  That’s telling yourself a story that resonates with the positive.

I know I may swing back to that lack mindset, but I now know how to get to the fun mindset.  Stop.  Slow my breathing and visualize the fun of solving this riddle in the next chapter of my life.


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