zero control

Zero Control

zero control
Life is about no control

The sun rises and sets every day.  It’s something we cannot control.  Stars shine in our night sky.  It takes roughly 4 years for the light of that star to reach us.  This is out of our control.

I’m a calculated risk taker.  I like controlled outcomes.  It’s why I am a good film producer.  In my dating life even I seek controlled outcomes.  Yet, life is what happens when we are busy planning it.

Yesterday is a prime example of control for me. I got falling down drunk, blacked out, safely got home, but I wanted control the whole time. In acting class they taught us to resist the action of being drunk as it is more entertaining seeing someone trying not to be drunk. That was I last night, in front of my dear friends who are family to me. A tight knit family at that.

I seek that control yet; I make choices that fly in the face of it. I am not sure why. Trying to control drinking is truly hilarious. Yet there I was trying to control it. I woke up in the middle of the night wondering what I left in my wake of literally being falling down drunk. I remember not being able to walk very well for some reason.

Yet, as I listen to Abraham Hicks this morning after journaling & meditating about control, a lot, life is all in the letting go of control.

As I continue my journey, I am peeling away these truths about myself, wanting to control people’s perception of me (even when I am drunk no less), controlling how people act and react.   It’s not a good look and yes I am working on it. I am still clinging to my current self, the one I’ve manifested for 53 years. That self is trying to hold on and I am trying to get to Kelly 2.0. All of that resistance is slowly turning to dust. Letting go of control does that for you and I’m championing that for myself.

One last thing: if you are ever in a bad mood, me a lot lately, say “Thank You” 7 times out loud in a row and watch your mood and energy and vibration change.

I am grateful I’ve manifested this dark time in my life as it is teaching me about control, letting go, and flowing through in life.

Much love and peace ?

Remember: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World

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