Why I joined ETMC

My journey started from when I became a Life Coach. I am a part of the chain of pandemic coaches. When Covid hit, everyone went into several of directions. Some focused on their hobbies that they neglected due to the hustle and bustle of life. Some worked on their living spaces, whether it was remodeling their homes or working on their gardens. Many were triggered by the sudden pull away from their daily distractions, which left many to focus more inward and center into their self development. Regardless where everyone directed their attention, everyone had one thing in common of what they were working towards – their mental health. Many also struggled with their mental health during this time. They were isolated, stuck in toxic environments, extroverts were becoming depressed from a lack of connection, and many were struggling to connect with themselves. This created a major demand for Life Coaches. For business coaches, this was their time to shine!

  I joined an all-women’s online coaching academy early 2020. Although, my pull to start this journey was well before the pandemic, this was the perfect time to start not only due to the extensive amount of free time, but also I was in a season of fresh starts. It was there, where I connected with a large group of women. Many started approximately the same time as I did. We all learned very quickly that in order to be a coach, we all had to test the exercises on ourselves. These exercises conflicted and shifted the the group a bit, because some of us held back through the process, while other moved on more swiftly. The academy didn’t hold us back, this was a self paced course, but the majority of us were doing major shadow work, healing, facing our triggers, facing our past & trauma, working through our pain & finding our new re-found inner strength. Everyone’s journey of healing is different, and some – including myself – had it harder than others, and that’s okay! It just was.  Regardless of everyone’s journey, we were like a sisterhood that was continued to support each other. As we worked through our own self development journey, we could help support the newcomers that were facing those similar challenges as well. Those who worked through it, were able to practice their newly taught coaching skills on those who were still struggling, and gain the hours they needed to pass. This is where I truly grew my passion of coaching, because after numerous years of therapy, I found the results I was looking from life coaches. So, I knew that this work was so important & I wanted more people in this world to experience them. I wanted others to gain the incredible results that I had. 

After 6-9 months, the majority of us passed & moved on to running our coaching businesses. Everyone dove so quickly into focusing on their businesses that the majority lost touch with the group, yet we all followed each other through social media, of course. Unfortunately, what used to be support and uplift turned into more like rooting them on from a far… Let me explain further by what I had discovered within the past three years & through lots of investments within my business:

  1. It is extremely difficult to stand out during a trend of everyone becoming coaches at the same time, repeating the same methods, “I teach you how to manifest”, or “Earn 10k months”
  • The majority of coaches that were actually successful were business coaches, making profit off of those desperately wanting to use their skills to help with others’ well being. I’m not mad at it, because some were helpful, while some just saw clients as profit rather than serving them. I, myself, racked up approx. $10k investing into business coaches over the years. Although, it takes money to make money, & I took something valuable from each of them, none of it equated to the results that I was looking for.
  • You will lose your community for two reasons. One, because you will no longer be looked at as support, but instead as a possible client (a sale). Secondly, you will develop a double life as you face your personal journey of self development and healing in private, but in the public eye, you’ll appear as if you have it all together, because you are now the “expert”, so you don’t want to appear less than your peers. Coaching has been one of the loneliest careers I’ve ever been a part of. 

2 years later, I got invited via TikTok to guest speak on a podcast. There is a where I met Kelly Raymer on the Every Thought Matters Podcast. We instantly became friends & continued to support each other throughout our journeys. I finally met a coach where I could actually be real, raw, & supportive without being coached, ie) “Well, I guess you have more shadow work to do” or being sold to, “Well, if you join my program, it could help you”. No, an actual Coach that listens & understands the struggle of gaining visibility in this industry. So, we spent the following year encouraging each other and finding ways to help each other without any gimmicks.

 During this time, I found my strength in coaching and marketing within true alignment, and I watched Kelly’s strength in uplifting heart centered coaches & lightworkers. It just wasn’t me that he was helping, he has a gift to be able to connect with other coaches & uplifting them. So, when Kelly presented this idea to form ETMC, to help Coaches and Lightworkers excel, I wholeheartedly supported it! I was ecstatic over the idea & was excited to watch him execute it. I just knew how important this was for someone to care enough. But no, I did not sign up to the idea right away, because for one, he didn’t ask me to join yet, and two, because I was too focused on my business, Forever Soon Fulfilled.

  A couple months later, I got onto my Instagram. I decided to declutter my world a bit, and clean up my following list. So, I started unfollowing accounts that I either don’t typically pay attention to, don’t engage with or I feel holds negative energy. It was this moment, where I learned the truth…  I hopped onto the accounts of many of the women that I attended the academy with. My curiosity to see how well they had succeeded since our forming days of Coaching. Unfortunately, for most, I found the complete opposite. Many quit posting in 2021, & a few even quit in 2020 – the year we started in the academy! My guesstimate was that 90% of them had quit cold turkey and never returned to their coaching based on what I found within their accounts…

What happened?!?! Their passion!! The heart they had to serve others! Their will to improve their own lives and others!! All came to a halt…

A halt to their goals, dreams, desires and to serve.. 

Because nice guys finish last, I guess… Lightworkers got the least support.

They were lightworkers, not business or marketing workers! They needed help! They needed someone overseeing their work and helping them build their business and visibility.. but instead exhausted themselves to trying all of the trending methods that lowered their results & eventually depleting their business. 

Tapping on one account after another to discover this… was heart wrenching. I was completely distraught by it. It was devastating that the coaches that had the most desire and passion to encourage, uplift, support & help others got the short end of the stick. I knew that self development changed my life, Coaches changed my life, so I knew the importance of their roles. Some of them coached me through my own healing. 

  This left me looking inward as well. Should I give up, too? Is this a sign that I overextended my time trying to make this work, and maybe they were smart for quitting? Then, I thought…Why me? Why am I still here? Why did I choose to stay in it? Is there anything I can do to flip this around? They invested so much time, money and energy. Many are probably in debt from investing wholeheartedly.  None of this sat right with me.

A week or so later, I contacted Kelly, after much thought. I asked if he would like help with his Collective idea. Basically, he was just waiting for me to be ready and to ask him – ha! So, that is when we began co-creating ideas to gain professionalism, visibility, credibility & re-found passion for our Lightworkers & heart-centered coaches. We are not perfect, and we don’t have all of the answers, but we have the heart, drive and passion to help as many Lightworkers as we can to uplift and elevate, so they can be a part of the movement to serve and help others – as they were meant to! We are all here for a purpose! Kelly having excellent computer skills, great enact for connecting with others and having the biggest heart I know, and for myself having coaching experience & a marketing background – we knew that together we could co-create something so magical, profound and important for the better of good! I hope everyone else can feel our passion and hearts within everything we have put in and how much we will continue to pour into our Coaches and Lightworkers. You are important! You are worthy! You are needed! I can’t wait for you all to shine! I can’t wait to see each and everyone of you doing what you were meant for successfully! Let’s co-create this together 🙂

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