Frisky Friday

Frisky Friday
A lot of people who meet #abrahamhicks want a rampage if appreciation from them. I live when I hear that. But I love when I do it myself in my journaling. I’ve barely had a cup of coffee and my oatmeal when this happened. It is beautiful. It’s day 2 of my work week. I’m in a good mood. My barista job fills me with unique connections from my regulars I know by name to tourists in town. It is a lot of variety. The day goes fast. For me that is abundance of connections. Abundance of humanity and good people. I elevate them from the moment they walk in. It’s great!!! My bike ride provides exercise, vitamin D, a glimpse of the ocean, and a lot of Abraham Hicks talks. It is a nice trifecta.
Learn to feel the abundance not only in your bank account but in your human connections. You are an eternal being. You don’t stop living after you croak. Why not see that and enjoy the now. I am also abundant in my podcast guests. September is almost filled up. I am now finding guests for October and beyond. How cool and frisky is that!!!
Now I’m going to meditate.

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