Current Reality

My current reality is ALWAYS changing into what I want.

Isn’t that great!!!!

My reality is changing into what I want!

I get to focus on what it is becoming!  Most say, “but Kelly it is this”.  By the time you see reality, it is in the past.  In that second, it becomes past history.  I say this about the past as I’ve spent most of my 55 years being stuck in the past about what happened to me.  I am getting better and better on focusing on what it is becoming.  One trait of myself is that I see the big picture and I am excited about what my reality is becoming.

Today I go back to work after 2 days off.  I did almost nothing to get my coaching practice off the ground.  Last week I got depressed about my lack for work towards that end.  Today, I do not feel bad at how I spent my 2 days off.  I finished another book, a novel.  That’s like 4 books I’ve finished during the quarantine.  I have started yet another book and it is about baseball.  Since I don’t have sports, I am going to read about sports.

I had a great meditation today whereby I was floating above the clouds and just looking around.  One influencer (I really don’t like that word but y’all get it), Gordana Biernat talks about at the age of 11 where she tried to visualize the edge of the universe and she could not.  That has stuck in my consciousness for some time now and as I was floating, I tried to see the edge as well.  It just keeps going and that is beautiful.  Why?  Because everything is endless, and I love that.  It is why I love the beach at night.  I see those stars and the black sky and see the endlessness.  It truly humbles me.  Those stars shine bright.  It takes 10s of thousands of years for that light to reach our pupils.  Isn’t that beautiful!!!  How blessed are we in this human form to see such magnificence that took that long to get to our eyes.  For the record, it takes 8.3 earth minutes for the Sun’s light to reach our Earth.

After my meditation and floating amongst the stars and the endless universe, I continued on some law of attraction talks to help reinforce concepts like focus on what is becoming.  The more I find joy in the becoming of who I am going to be is fun.  Once in my meditation I saw everything that I have desired and it showed me things I’ve never even thought about, like a motorcycle.  Weird for me but I accepted it!!!

As you go about your day, focus on what you are becoming instead of “reality”.  If more people did this, the world would be happier and what we want as a society would be easier. 

Remember this: every thought matters.  Much love & peace to you and yours!