Meditation is key to life


No I’m not talking about the political stuff that social media justice warriors are tweeting about. I’m talking about resistance within you. Today I had a huge moment where I let go of resistance and the phone rang.

When you remove resistance to what you want, the abundance you seek flows to you. Mine was relatively simple but profound. It changed my energy when that phone rang.

Today, I have an appointment with my ophthalmologist to check the pressure in my eyes and dilate my eyes as well. Always got to keep a tab on the pressure in my eyes as I have glaucoma in my left eye. They can see some damage to the optical nerve in my eye. The optical nerve in your eye is the only nerve in the body that cannot regenerate, or so I am told.

Well today, going into this appointment, I was without one set of my drops for 2 days, so naturally I was concerned about the pressure as I had not used them. The pharmacy had backordered them and I checked on Saturday and Sunday to no avail. I woke up this morning thinking; well I guess it may be high because of the lack of drops. I let go of that thought of worry and I just “let it be” as the Beatles sung. I just let the chips fall where they may.

The phone rang. It was the automated call from the pharmacy that my prescription was ready to pick up. I am very blessed in that I can walk to my pharmacy. I didn’t care what I looked like or anything. I walked there, listened to some Abraham Hicks and I had a spring in my step. I let go of the resistance to outcomes today and there came those drops.

The pressure may or may not be elevated but for me it was a joyful of example of letting go of resistance and abundance flowing my way.

Here’s a postscript to this. I walked to CVS over the weekend, which is not my pharmacy. I walked up to the prescription counter with a new prescription for the drops. I didn’t fulfill that one. I look down though and there was abundance at my feet. Two dimes were on the floor, heads up. I had a huge spring in my step after that. I attract abundance wherever I go and things always work out for me. (Say that sentence out loud a lot and journal it.   I do.)

Much love and peace. Remember, every thought matters.


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