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Bend Your Knees

I was getting the plastic bins out of my closet as I was going to clean out the clutter in my desk area of my apartment. All of the bins were out and just the floor of my closet was bare. Except for 1 thing: a red foam nose. It was a nose from a short film I am producing. So I bent down to pick it up off the floor. As I straightened up, my back hit the hangars in the closet: tall people problems.

I felt a twinge in my lower back just above the lumbar area. Thankfully I know a few stretching exercises to loosen the lumbar area but those didn’t seem to work the twinge at all.

It was Saturday morning and so I called my chiropractor to see if he had an opening.  He did.  I drove there and during my adjustment he said, “make sure you bend with your knees” not your back.

Instinctively, I just bent down and picked up that red nose off the floor and tweaked my spine. I was livid and wondered why this happened to me. I am a huge believer of the law of attraction. Why was this contrast put into my existence when all along I wanted to clean out the clutter of my desk? I don’t like clutter in the house as a cluttered house means a cluttered mind.  But still, why did I bend over like that?

As I lay on the chiropractor’s table getting the spinal cord stimulation; a series of tingling sensors pinging my spine, I thought about how every thought does matter. Even that thought to bend over at the knees is important. I thought about that and how I have to retrain my mind when I pick up stuff to pick it up at the knees not the waist.

Well years ago, as a kid, my father, always told me this: “always bend over at the knees to pick stuff up”. Well I took that to heart with heavy stuff but a foam red nose? I had never thought of that. Indeed every thought does matter and now I have another nugget of information to help me live a healthier life.

As for the universe and why this contrast was put into my existence, well, my take is that I wasn’t supposed to clean up that clutter today. That is definitely OK. I found joy in knowing that somehow I wasn’t supposed to do that today. It’s really a relief.

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