Pay it forward with abundance

You don’t need money to feel abundance. This is my key theme the last month. While I may not have the bank account to buy anyone gifts or even buy myself a gift, I do have a huge bank account in abundance. I really do.

I get to feel happy. By me being happy even though I live a sparse life, that is truly paying it forward.

I know my financial abundance is coming. I can feel it. I feel it every morning. So instead of being in a lacking state of mind, I choose, yes choose, to be in an abundance mindset.

This room I work in every morning is my tiny house. It has almost everything I need except a fridge and stove. It really does have it all! It is so full of abundance.

As on the “manifest it now” podcast says, you should make room for abundance to be in your life. I am making room for that abundance by being happy and eliminating more and more “stuff” from my tiny home.

By being happy also helps me pay it forward with friends and family and those that read this Instagram post. Maybe, just maybe my abundance mindset is paying it forward so others can feel it too.

This is why I don’t watch or read the news; at all. The news is not filled with stories of abundance. You’re hard pressed to find that. I don’t know what is going on out there save for my sports obsessions. And I love it!

I stayed off twitter for almost a month. My mind cleared up. I am no longer thinking of tweets or snarky retorts but now thinking of abundance.

So, adopt that abundance mindset regardless of your bank account. You can help yourself and pay it forward to those that interact with you.

As always, much love and peace!





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