Watch Your thoughts

Watch Your Thoughts

Watch your thoughts & actions like a movie.

Years ago I was searching for spirituality in my life. I purchased a Buddhist card deck. One card stuck out to me. “Watch your thoughts.” I believe it talked about watching your thoughts like a movie. You are the star of your story. You are directing your own story. Those thoughts and actions you think and take are the story your tell yourself. You are in a movie right now, reading this. Watch your thoughts as you read below.

I found that card profound and amazing. We are the story we tell ourselves. I saw something the other day. One of those platitudes that make it around on the Internet: “Our energy enters the room before we do.” It was like that or some variation. People can feel our energy.

Well our energy is our thoughts, primarily. How we think of ourselves. The stories we tell ourselves. Me personally, I sometimes get into conversations with people I care about that never happen. That is some weird energy. Those are my thoughts and I watch them.

With watching my thoughts, it comes up big when I meditate. That is the biggest place where I watch my thoughts. I am rewriting the stories I tell myself. Today, I had both of my four-legged kids on the bed while I journaled and meditated. That to me is abundance. That is a story I am telling myself a lot lately. I am slowly changing my story and realizing how I manifest abundance in my life and how joyful it is.

I have done that by watching my thoughts and discarding those thoughts that do not serve me. I also watch my actions and my choices. My choices led me here to this wonderful place of not having a lot of money, where $10 is a lot. I love it! It is peeling away layers of myself and exposing my truths. Watching my thoughts and my actions does that peeling.

All of this started years ago when I got that Buddhist card talking about watching our thoughts. There is so much joy in doing that.

As always, I write for myself as a reminder, but I also write if there’s a way to help you as well!

Much love and peace!






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