Social Media Distancing

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With this outbreak, we are encouraged to practice some social distancing from people.  I am a fan of this because it is better to be safe than sorry.  I am cautiously optimistic as well because this started in November 2019 so the bad flu season we already had may have put us ahead of that curve.

That said, my optimism aside, I think we all owe it to ourselves to some social media distancing as well. There is a bevy of information out there being thrown at us from the media and from our friends & relatives.  It has become information overload to be honest.  Personally, I deactivated Facebook and Twitter temporarily for this reason so as to unclutter my mind.  Let my brain rest, recharge, and be the best person I can be coming out of this social media distancing I am employing.

I believe that Instagram is a safe place as there is not as much hysteria here than on Facebook and/or Twitter.  Give it a thought, as you sit at home, virtually quarantine yourself, see how your mood changes. 

I for one, believe we need a national day of meditation to help alleviate this hysteria.  I think it would be great for ALL of us to quiet our minds for 15 minute intervals to get our headspace uncluttered.  If we all did this together at the same time, around the world, think of how much beautiful energy would be freed up to help us, together.  And by meditation, I mean silence in the mind.  While I don’t do western religion, I believe prayer to their higher being is a form of meditation as well.  It is beautiful positive energy.

Let us practice some meditation and social media distancing to contain this hysteria and help all of our nations heal.

My thoughts and prayers to the beautiful country of Italy that is reeling from this.

Much love & peace and remember #everythoughtmatters.