Trust Your Mistakes

Trust Your Mistakes

Trust Your Mistakes

The other day, I decided to listen to a friend’s podcast, “Walk-Ins Welcome”. My friend, Bridget Phetasy, hosts it. We have followed each other on twitter for years. I love her perspective on a lot of things and she’s raw, but one of the most empathetic people I know. I consider her a true friend even though we’ve yet to meet.

Walk Ins Welcome

Anyway, I love this thought process she came up with. On the podcast with Sarah Shahi, well-known actress, she said she came up with it on her first blog site. I love that mindset. It allows you to make mistakes for you know there is something good will be born from a mistake.

As I have written before, I made choices that have led to my current financial predicament. And that’s OK. Some choices were mistakes, for sure. But now I can frame it in my mind that I have to trust those mistakes. We are human. We are prone to error. But to error, is to have growth, should you allow that.

I am of the mindset that I am allowing my growth to happen based on my mistakes. The end of this year I have made a conscious and subconscious effort to grow and learn. It is not easy mind you. I do get lonely. I do make mistakes. I trust that when I do, each time I will learn from them.

Way back when I was courting my then wife, I reminded her that all my choices led to her. Some of those choices were misconstrued as mistakes. Little did I know that I trusted them. I dropped out of college to fall in love. I moved in with my then girlfriend and her male roommate. Talk about a choice there! That choice led me back to a part time job at a bank. That bank job, led to a full time job in a clerical role. That clerical role led me to apply to go to school, funded by the bank, to be a computer programmer. 14 months later in December 1988 I got my first job as a computer programmer. With that, I worked with a guy whose girlfriend was best friends with my ex-wife. All those choices could be viewed as mistakes yet they led me there to meet my wife. I explained to her at the time all those choices led me to her. Granted the marriage didn’t work out well after 8 years, but even that helped shape how I am today.

I have made mistakes along the way to be where I am in this moment. And for that I am truly grateful, as I am more alive now than I have ever been. My bank account may be low, but my abundance account is very high. So I am truly learning how to trust those mistakes, even when they are not fun.

Much love and peace!





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