Follow those impulses

Wednesday Wisdom

I woke up early.  6:40 AM early in my day off. I altered my morning routine.  I took Ginny out for her walk first.  Normally I boil water for my oatmeal, start the coffee, make the bed, and then walk Ginny.  Today I altered that. Ginny was quite pleased!  After the walk I booked the water, started the coffee, did the dishes from last night, swept the floors, made the bed, started journaling and then felt the impulse to take out the garbage.  I cleaned out the fridge first.  I then took out the garbage and Ginny knows she gets to walk with me to the trash bin.  A second walk albeit a short one.  I sat down, took a swig of coffee and saw that my deck needed swept.  I followed that impulse as well.  Now I was journaling and felt the impulse to write this.   So I did.  

The wisdom in this is to follow those impulses.  I did.  For the 1st time in a few days I am happy.  I’ve had a lot of dark thoughts lately.  Yet, today, I followed that impulse and it helped me have a nice clean house, I even played fetch with Ginny in my house which brought me joy.  I’m even planning a bike ride to Walmart for some provisions.  I normally don’t ride my bike on my days off. But it feels good to work up a sweat.  

All of this says, is to listen to source/god/inner being.  Follow that path.  That’s where you’re TRUE reality awaits you.  It’s 8 in the morning and I’m happy. 


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