The Present

I often write about staying present. The ego lives in the past and the future but rarely in the present. I say this a lot and remember it a lot when my ego comes out to play. I define it, then determine if it is in the future or the past and understand its origin.

Well last night, I was reading the notes to my Buddha discovery deck I’ve owned for years. For some reason I chose to pick the accompanying book up. Anyway, I got to page 42 of the book. It said:

Hate exists with the past and future. Love needs no past or future. Love exists in the present.

Deep and profound words to be sure. I got my notepad and wrote this passage down, as it’s beautiful beyond the words. It really made me think about LOVE and living in the present.

I define as living in the present as brilliance, high definition view of the world. Living in the past or future is blurry. The image below has the ego version of the world on the left and the present world on the right. Living in the past or future means you can’t focus on the details of the present. You live in worry all the time. Trust me, I’ve written about this and I’ve lived this. Once the present moment is there like when I’m writing this, the present becomes sharper.

A body of water

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Living in the present moment, absorbing the details of each moment as they pass by is the most beautiful place in the world to live.

I think back to that passage. To me, it being on page 42 is symbolic as I am a huge baseball fan. Jackie Robinson wore the number 42. He broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball on April 15, 1947 with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Sadly, he was subject to a lot of hate. I’m sure some of that hate was rooted in the past and the future.

A baseball player posing for a photo

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Jackie Robinson

If people took to love in the present, this world would be a better place. This would be true in all parts of our lives. Love is present, you just have to see it. It’s in high definition waiting for you in this very moment, living inside of you.

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