What will you manifest in 2019

What Will You Manifest in 2019

People write down goals, which are an on-off switch game.  If you don’t achieve them, you failed.  I’m not a huge fan of goals like that.  Years ago, I hired a life coach because before that I was writing down goals every year and nothing happening.  I knew I needed help!  My journey of self-discovery has led me here.

This year, it is about manifesting feelings for me, beautiful, glorious feelings.  Because for me with those feelings the “on-paper” goals will sort themselves out easily.

One of my biggest goals of the year is to manifest the sacredness of me.   That feeling is amazing when I am in that state of mind.  I feel powerful and undeterred by most anything.

Underneath this sacredness is feeling confident in the boundaries I give to myself.

Boundaries have always been a challenge for me.  I love the connection to another human being.  When I have a good conversation with another human being it is glorious and I FEEL filled up.  Because of that, I tend to lose boundaries in this exchange.  I will tell people things so I can get that feeling.  And then my boundaries will get violated.

I will manifest the feeling of boundaries in 2019.

Sacredness is also about knowing my self-worth.  Again, I love the connection to another and love to help.  That said, I tend to give away my services for free because I love that connection.

I will manifest the feeling of the sacredness of my self-worth in 2019.

Sacredness is also about feeling whole.  I have my addictions that I am slowly doing away with.   Folks, addictions are not just alcohol, drugs, and/or sex.  They are social media, sexting, sports, and so on.  I am seeing my truths in this area of my life.  As for feeling whole, that is also accepting these weaknesses as well as my strengths.  All of those things make me whole.

I will manifest the feeling of feeling whole in 2019.

The feeling of magic is awesome!  It’s just the unexpected pleasures of life manifesting easily.  I love this feeling.  There is magic everywhere if you really look for it.

I will manifest the feeling of magic in 2019!

Abundance was my theme for December 2018.  I have learned to understand the feeling of abundance in my life even with my financial disparity.  To me, that is freaking glorious and awesome and any other superlatives like that. 

I will continue to manifest the feeling of abundance in 2019!

I think about feeling satisfied a lot.  I love this word and how it feels!  It just rolls off the tongue nicely and feels good inside when I am satisfied.  I cannot explain it.  It is truly living in the moment feeling of being satisfied.

I will manifest the feeling of being satisfied in 2019!

Finally, all of these feelings will align with the normal goals that I have for myself.  Each of them will allow me to feel great with sacred boundaries, sacredness of my worth, feeling whole with who I am, feeling abundance in my life and feeling satisfied in every moment.

What will you manifest in 2019?

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