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10 Ways to be Committed to Yourself


Whatever you are working on, you have to have a passion for. I recently worked on a spec script for a TV show called “The Goldbergs“. I love the show and wanted to write an episode (spec script) for it. However, the “passion” wasn’t really there and thus deadlines passed. Passion is a key way to ensure you can be committed to whatever you are working on.

Connection to Self

To be connected to oneself means to understand who you are and what makes you tick. For instance, some are morning people and wake up with tons of energy. Find the time of day where you are truly connected to yourself. For me around 11–3 and 9–11 PM are great connection times for me. If you can’t connect to yourself, ground yourself mentally either by meditation or a meditation grounding exercise. Focus on each area of your body and connect to it. Focus for about 20 seconds and then move on. Start by connecting your feet to the earth and work your way up to where your face muscles are the last things you connect to. This will help you connect to yourself and also utilize all of you in your work.

Create Deadlines

I have to be backed into a corner time wise to get stuff done. It’s why I excelled in my IT career for 25 years as problems came up all the time. I didn’t have time to think, I had to act. Now that I’m self-employed I have to create deadlines for my projects.


Have an accountability partner. I’ve seen this work in so many cases where a coach or mentor or friend is an accountability partner. Now, for me this has to be a true person-to-person connection and that accountability has to go both ways. Each person is accountable to the other, setting real days and times to meet, update that accountabilities list periodically. You really have to do the work to get the results.

Vision Board

Create a “mini-vision” board for each project. It doesn’t have to be elaborate it just has to visualize what your project that you are committed to looks like. It can even be a mini vision board for each milestone. Remember, projects are more about the journey than the destination.


Does your lack of commitment translate with a project that is not a part of your life theme? James Altucher talks about living a theme based life, not a goal based life. I buy into that because your theme and the projects must align. Ensure your projects that you are committed to align with your theme. If you don’t know your theme, I suggest journaling about how you want to live your life, what are your values, how do you want to grow yourself and grow others as a result.


I read a blog recently about this. It talks about should and must. You should get a job, you must write. That’s my connection. I did this through meditation and wrote organically after a grounding meditation I did. I know by connecting to my soul, that this was the message I got completely. I must write, like I’m doing right now. Figure out if your lack of commitment is a “should” project or a “must” project. Most likely, like my spec script was a “should”, not a must.


Our technology creates the need for apps to do what we have within ourselves to do, i.e. not be distracted. There are productivity apps up the wazoo. I use “myfocus” on my Macbook. It’s nice because it blocks tons of social media sites and instead puts up an inspiring quote to remind me to get back to work. It’s nice and handy for the Mac. If you still have trouble focusing and committing this might be a good avenue for you.

Written Word

I’m a huge believer in writing by hand. Write down or journal by hand about your project. Dive deep to see why you are lacking commitment on your project(s). Write by hand, not on a computer. There are numerous scientific studies documenting how good this is for your brain. This story in the New York times talks about it. I write by hand all the time. If I see a great quote, I pull out a 3×5 index card and write it down. It helps my brain remember it and I have a whole stack of good quotes to read out loud every day. If journaling is not your thing, talk to someone who is a good listener. Ask them for suggestions.


Step away and ensure what you are working on is fun. If it is laborious then it’s probably not fun. That spec script, while I learned a lot, was not fun. It was very laborious, so I am stepping away from it and once I get back to it, I will find these 10 tips helpful.


Human beings are notoriously great at helping others. I love that about the human race. We all want to help others. However, asking for help is like climbing Mount Everest for some of us, me included. I have a hard time asking for help on that spec script for instance. I think if I would’ve asked for help, it might not have been laborious. Help doesn’t have to be your accountability partner. I can be a friend who knows your project inside and out. Trust me, humans have this innate need to help others. That is why choosing yourself is so awesome. Choosing yourself means you are choosing others and helping others. Don’t be stubborn. Don’t fear being insecure or fear that your work is bad. Good people will want to help you. I guarantee it!

Well that’s 11 ways, but I couldn’t help myself. Any and/or all of these can help myself as well as others be more accountable to their projects and choosing themselves.

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