My Why

My Why

What is my “why” for being a holistic life coach?  It’s a common question and there are a lot of ways to discuss this. The answer is two-fold.

Throughout every role/job I’ve had, from computer programmer to filmmaker, I have had an ability to connect to people and elevate them.  As my life coach told me, “Kelly, people like you because of how they feel when they are around you. “

I enjoyed a 25-year career as a computer programmer that started before the internet revolution, and lasted well after the internet revolution.  During that time, my ability to solve programming problems came from my ability to connect to people, listen to them, and to apply technology to solve daily issues that arose.

Furthermore, being a filmmaker/film producer, you have to know every role on the pre-production (planning), production (filming), and the post-production(creating the film) teams.  To do that, you not only have to know their role but who they are and what they like.  I found that I had an ability to connect to people to help them have the tools to do their job and motivate them to succeed without fear of failure.

I currently work in the retail service industry and even then, I am connecting to customers, daily.  You see this is the common thread that I’ve had in my life; connecting to people, seeing their worth, and elevating them.

Add to this, that I GET to be of service to help my clients achieve success in whatever endeavor they are working on.  I truly love that!!!

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Much love and peace!

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