Below are the links to my work, affiliate links, and some movies I’ve made including trailers.

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Other Life

They have this $7 that teaches you about affiliate marketing, sales funnels and such. They are great people that answer your questions. I truly love the people behind this. They are good people!

Interactive Online

They are a website hosting provider that I’ve been with since 2000. They have the best support on the planet. I love them and they always work with me and my budget!


Danny’s Apartment

It’s a story about a guy who is behind on his rent and is dating 2 girls at the same time. He is trying to get one of them to move in with him, when the other shows up.

Guyco Dating Insurance for Men

Guyco is a quirky comedy about Cliff, a middle aged teacher, who wants to settle down with Mrs. Right, but spends his money on poor prospects. Desperate after yet another dating disaster, he stumbles upon a solution to his dating woes with Guyco.

Funny Fare

Funny Fare

Tim is in for the Ryde of his life.

Fragile Storm

A┬áscared young woman goes to extreme measures to escape the clutches of a terrifying older man only to realize the shocking truth about who she is and why she’s really there. 12 awards wins, 17 nominations.

Fragile Storm