About Me

I’m a mindset life coach who has had 3 careers and a whole host of other jobs along the way.  My life has seen peaks and valleys, abundance and lack thereof, but one constant is my ability to connect to people and elevate them.  This has led me to this vocation, serving others as a mindset life coach.

In 1988 I ventured into computer programming as a career and 25 years later I left that career to pursue a life of being a filmmaker.  I’ve lived in Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and California.  I consider Texas to be my home and is where I reside now, specifically Rockport.  As I said before in each of those chosen professions, the one constant was my ability to connect to people at an authentic truthful level.  It served me well as a programmer and as a filmmaker and now is serving me as a life coach.

I truly love what I do and I love connecting to people in an authentic way.  Along this path, I’ve added tools to my toolbox to help me with life and it’s peaks and valleys.  Those tools are the cornerstone of my life and my mindset life coaching practice, from law of attraction to meditation to basic planning concepts.  Each is connected in a way to where your thoughts matter and help you get further in life to achieve your goals, dreams, and aspirations!!!

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Much love and peace!