What is life coaching?

First, life coaching is not therapy.  It is not talking about your problems or healing from them.  It is talking about the now, and why you are where you are and getting you to where you want to be.

Your price seems high for just 1 hour.

I charge for the hour of consultation, but it also includes my own time of reviewing notes, helping with an action plan, and other office busy work that needs to be done to serve my clients.

You are not certified.

There are many schools of thought around this.  For me, I have been a coaching client for a number of years.  I learned from my mentor some amazing best practices that I bring forward into my own practice and add my own flavor to it.

What is LOA?

LOA stands for Law of Attraction.  I am a firm believer that what we think and feel enough, we attract.  This is the cornerstone of my practice and how I help my clients achieve success in their own way.

What is the baseline of your practice?

It is LOA, some logical/practical steps, how we watch our thoughts, some guidance from what I’ve learned about myself and other things I’ve learned along the way to make a hybrid approach to helping my clients.

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Much love and peace!