Every Thought Isn’t a Social Media Post

Recently I deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I did this on a Sunday morning. It is Saturday as I write this and I had one of the best weeks of 2017 I have ever had. Part of life is reducing clutter for me. Clutter for most means stuff in their houses that they don’t need or as I do, creating piles of papers to go thru or just flat out cleaning house. But clutter is also your mind. All week I have meditated, written in my journal, stood in front of the mirror saying, “I love myself” for 5 minutes and other sacred ways of treating myself. It all has reduced the clutter in my head. I don’t watch the news. I even turned off the Google news feed feature on my phone. Yes, you can do that. It is amazing!

I have had the most amazing week ever and it’s during the holidays. Anyone who knows me is that I usually get holiday depression right around Thanksgiving. For me, to have this amazing week is phenomenal. It is about turning off the social media feed and narrative in my head.

Every thought, every thing you see isn’t a social media post. I have had to turn that impulse addiction in my brain. It has taken a few days but I have. Last night, I was out to watch my friend in his band. I used to check social media and the like, but I put my phone in my back pocket and remembered how it was before the advent of social media. That said, I did post 1 Instagram picture. I personally feel that Instagram is a safe place from the clutter of social media. I usually get inspiration from Instagram.

Moreover, in my journaling I think, whoa I should create a graphic for this. But I don’t. I know what is working for me and it is working on me. I have totally reduced the clutter in my brain. I heard people talking politics on a work phone call; I had to just turn their words off. Not because I didn’t agree with them but because I don’t need that wasted clutter. I choose to be happy!

I pray that someone will read this and understand how to turn off that clutter whether it is social media like me or just a mechanism for turning off that emotional trigger for things. I have had the best week of my life in turning off social media and reducing the clutter in my brain. It has been a truly joyful week and it is continuing, as I am becoming clutter free in my mind and life.

Much love and peace!